Fear of Unknown

When you step into an unknown territory or a path in your life then you have two options of either being optimist or pessimist about it. Every human being is different and has different ways to cope up with life when faced with unplanned changes. A monotonous life is boring, but it guarantees you safety … More Fear of Unknown

The World Around Us

The most beautiful thing about people is all of them are different and have their own special uniqueness. Apparently, the worst thing about people is also the same that they all are different. Why can’t everyone be like the people we love? In an average lifetime, we meet around 80,000 people. That’s quite a big … More The World Around Us

Beauty of Silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence Silence is a word which means the complete absence of sound but, I believe the most beautiful conversation happens in silence. When you are spending time with your loved ones and there are moments in which you are not talking and just being there in the surrounding and with the presence of … More Beauty of Silence


It was not that I like what I did, it is definitely not that I am sad, hurt, lost, depressed or in agony. I did that because voices in my head told me to do. Everybody has their inner angel or an inner demon. I had always listened to the angel inside me and always … More Demon

Gone Forever

People come, people go and life keeps moving on and so should you. A simple statement but it is very hard to follow or hopeless romantic like me makes it hard to follow. I believe in happiness and I believe that good happens to those who are good and do well. The hardest part that … More Gone Forever

Home is happiness

What is home? People say home is where your heart is, people say it’s where your family is well your heart belongs to your family. I am just another hostel boy living 1700km away from my home in a hostel and people say that hostel life is the best part of your life and I … More Home is happiness