Let’s Get Nostalgic

The end to my college life is coming near so let’s get nostalgic; let’s shed a tear, a tear not for sadness but for the remembrance of immense happiness, million precious moments, important life lessons and most importantly the golden friends for life.  So the next week my college life is ending and for me it really would be an end of an era of happiness, sorrow, achievements, disappointments, celebrations and the moments. The moment describes the things and the memories I did in past 4 years which have become part of my life and the person who I am now.

If I try to remember the last four years it would be like this entered college, was scared, met new people, thought they are stupid, those stupid are my friends and my strength, was not scared anymore, started creating new memories, made a robot, was close to winning, was proud of myself, birthday bashes involving kicking ass, partied, played Fifa, end the semester with good grades, went to Goa, had blast in Goa, went back to home, enjoyed, college again, fought with a friend, kept partying and enjoying, met someone special, enjoyed, stopped studying, still passed, downgrade of grades, Chelsea won champions league, kept writing, went to Amritsar, can’t remember how I went there, lost someone special, cried, got sad but get over it, finished the unfinished stories, started studying again, did minor project, got badly screwed in first phase of it, did way too good in the last phase, went to Rajasthan, the last trip, came to know dark secret of kings, published a book, felt proud, negative reviews, inspired me more to write, had a night out, walked 3.5 miles at night, Fifa became more important than food and study, watched world cup, Belgium lost L, the last year started, hugely disappointed with new hostel, rented a flat, got placed at Infosys, not entirely satisfied but happy, wrote more, gave a presentation being not sober, did major project, just improved the minor, still it was good than others, last semester started, did not go to classes, did something what was needed to be done, gave exams, went to movie before 2 exams, still did not go to classes, classes are over now and exams are coming, the last 4 exams of this college life at Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology.

The moments like playing fifa all night, amazing trips with friends, watching lot of movies, walks at the campus, finding codes for lab evaluation, fun at lectures, sleeping at lectures, those long night talks sitting at someone’s room, being awake whole night so just to have the breakfast, bunking classes, evening snack at maggi wala or meeting point, birthday treats, terrible mess food, delicious burgers, night outs, GOAAAA, getting attached to sitcom’s characters, being there for friends during the good and bad times. There are lots of more moment which I am going to miss and cherish throughout my life as they have become the part of my life.

So this is it, the end of most exciting period of my life. But when one thing ends another starts so I am looking forward to start my new life as an employee at Infosys and to new chapter of my beautiful life. I am happy to make the most of my college life and I did made lots of memories and friends. I am also glad that the kid inside me who entered the college four years back is still inside me. The past 4 years has been a beautiful journey with a path which was not easy or hard but with the help of my friends this bumpy ride was a sweet journey. Dear college you will be missed and I am thankful to you for all the things I learned and for everything else.

Change is a constant thing,
 life moves on fast.
So let’s enjoy what life brings,
and cheers to memories of past.

P.S. Burger point I will miss you the most and you need to open wherever I go.                collage


6 thoughts on “Let’s Get Nostalgic

  1. I really like the line “let’s shed a tear, a tear not for sadness but for the remembrance of immense happiness”. I tend to be nostaglic all the time about everything, and that quote sums it up really nicely!

  2. I love it . you made me really excited to go to college despite how sad i am for leaving school . your life seems interesting just as your writing . Great blog and i am looking forward for your upcoming posts 🙂

    1. Thanks for liking it 🙂 and I must say that school is an amazing place to be. But college is way more better. Don’t be sad for leaving school as it is part of life but be excited to join college and i am sure you will enjoy and have a great time there 🙂 all the best for your college

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