My Darling Olivia

Do you remember the last time seeing someone’s face and they gave you butterflies in your tummy? It was a rainy night and I was waiting for it to stop inside a bar. The bartender poured me another glass of beer as I said hey to the girl who sat next to me. She introduced herself as olivia and it didn’t take me much more than that to fall in love with her, my darling olivia.

2 years later
Olivia is my best friend who has just broken up with her boyfriend of 4 years. She was in pain and I stood with her through her hard times like I always did. For people, hell is a place where they go after they have died if they are evil but for me hell has been the past 2 years seeing her with someone else. Now, I knew she was single and I may have a chance to fulfill my dream of being with her but I tried to control my feelings for her, tried to wait till she was ready and I did. I stood next to her as much as I could.

1 year later
It has been over a year and she was still not over him. Was she still in love with him? Was she still hoping for him to come back? Girls are more confusing than Einsteins theory of relativity.
Being in the friend zone is the worst thing that can happen to a guy if he’s in love with that girl. My mind was like a commander in a battlefield where it has to make a decision between two choices. Should I say or should I suppress my feelings and just comfort her as a friend. I am not going to get any younger and if we are meant to be then we will happen.
So with a heavy heart I built enough courage to express my feelings to my darling olivia.
She gave exactly the response I expected from her. She hasn’t moved on yet. Even after 436 days, 18 hours and around 20 minutes, she is still in love with her ex. I know that’s insane and even after admitting that she feels nothing for him she still doesn’t want to move on.
It’s frustrating but feelings are feelings and I still have to stick by her not because I have to but because I want to. If loving her will be the cause of my destruction then I was ready for that moment as soon as she said hello.
3 month later
Olivia has been ignoring me completely for unknown reasons. She misses most of my calls; replies to text very late and in single liners and we have stopped hanging out with each other.
Love is a feeling which makes you stop breathing either with joy or grief.
I have been nothing but the same mike in front of her because I knew she need her friend but it seems like her friend need her more than she needs him.
There comes a time in one’s life when the person needs to realize that they need to stop crossing the oceans for the people who won’t even jump in puddles for you.
I started analyzing my friendship with olivia and the more I analyze the more it feels that it was me being all giving and she was the one taking it all. Love at first sight is fiction and the truth is love is that sick feeling which will make you die daily but won’t let you die because it will give you hope. But every emotion, every feeling comes with an expiry date. Nothing lasts forever and it’s our job to make sure that we enjoy those feelings till they fade.
Maybe it’s time to move on, it’s time to give up on someone I love, it’s time to have my life and happiness depends only on me and not on someone else. Now, it’s time to make peace with my demons and maybe life will welcome me with a smile now.

Is mike right? Should he give up on someone he’s loved for so long without any hope or is it time for him to understand that sometimes things don’t happen the way we want? Is being hopelessly romantic right or being practical?


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