The Motorcycle Diaries

It is a known fact that journey is always better then destination and it certainly holds true when you have bunch of amazing friends, motorcycles and a scenic beauty which can only be captured from eyes and not by camera. Our planned trip to bharachukki falls which is the eastern segment of shivanasamudra falls didn’t go according to the plan we assumed. But it was worth it with all its ups and downs it was a day very well spend and a day to be stored in our memory.

We started our trip at 0945 hours using GPS navigation to find the route(Thank You Google). The weather was pleasant unlike most of days of Mysore. The motorcycle were approaching speed of 50-60 kmph inside the city and as soon as we reach the outskirts of the city we took our first break of chai and coldrinks. With the hope of not stopping again until we reach our destination we started riding again with speed reaching 100 kmph and as every rose has its thorn our journey halted as clutch wire of a motorcycle broke. After going through some trouble to find a mechanic we were finally able to resume our journey. The sun was at its peak, the motorcycles were at their peak making the atmosphere around as unpleasant and pleasant at the same time. We did reached our destination finally at 1400 hours even after losing the route and covering 40 KM extra.

Bharachukki falls having the water of Kaveri river with height of 322 feet and an average flow rate of 934 cubic metres is a sight worth seeing and enjoying. The waterfall was splendid and the most beautiful waterfall I have witnessed in my life. We spend next 2 hours bathing and having fun inside the cold water of Kaveri river. Nobody wanted to leave from there but with tired body, hungry stomach and time constraint we left from there at 1600 hours. The uncountable number of steps that we have to take to reach the ground from waterfall made our body twice more tired then it already was and the Sun was of no help. We all took coconut water to relax our body and kicked our motorcycles to go back to Mysore.

The temperature was high and our body was way too much tired. But there was no sign of a food stall and after riding for half hour we found one which was of an elderly couple serving omelette to the people passing by. We all took the bites of spicy omelette which tasted like a bite of chicken tikka to my empty stomach. As we were having our late lunch Sun decided to have sympathy for us and decided to settle down. The weather became pleasant and the motorcycles were at their peak when our next huddle came in the form of a punctured tyre. It took us 45 minutes to restart our journey but the same thing happened again as another motorcycle tyre got punctured. We roam around a small town of Karnataka as motorcycle got fixed. The journey back to infosys was becoming a pain with its huddles and riders getting separated because every one wanted to prove their bragging rights. So we decided to stay close to each other and not go full speed. So for next 2 hours we formed a mini train of 5 motorcycles being close to each other at corner of roads in dark night where the only visible light was of headlights. We were glad to reach the city before our deadline time and was happy that at least rain didn’t happened today. But by the time we reached our stop it also did happened once for a brief period of time.

Even with it’s negative the journey of 230 KM was truly amazing and we all will love this day for a very long time I will recommend to people of Mysore, Bangalore and nearby areas to take a motorcycle ride to Shivansamundra falls whether you go to Gaganachukki or Bharachukki falls, for once you should explore this side of Karnataka for its beautiful waterfall, delightful landscape, to have fun and to live a day which will become one of your most beautiful memory.

“Amazing friends, high speed motorcycles, a beautiful destination, an unforgettable journey- A PERFECT COCKTAIL”



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