Being Chelsea Blue

Blue is the colour, football is the game
We’re all together, and winning is our aim
So cheer us on through the sun and rain
‘Cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name


I was singing the song as soon as referee blew the whistle and John Terry, Courtois and Azpilicueta hugged each other in joy knowing they are the Champions of England while I was jumping in my bed. It was a joyous moment for me and the million other fans of Chelsea Football Club around the world. We all knew and believed that it will be our year from the day 1 and we were number 1 from day 1. Therefore, when premier league will finish Chelsea will hold the record for being number 1 for maximum days breaking record previously held by Manchester United in the season 1993-94.

This team was amazing and awesome and it holds the spirit of Blue color as properties of Blue color are:
Physical courageBrainslav Ivanovic as he is always running and is not afraid of tackling or anything.
StrengthNemanja Matic as I don’t have to say anything you can get the idea by just seeing him.
EnergyWillian as I don’t know any other player who runs as much as he does on the pitch.
Basic survivalCesc Fabregas as he is already adapted to premier league and knows it and now he is the champion.
MasculinityDiego Costa one of the world’s best striker while being masculine like defenders.
Excitement- Eden Hazard it is not just that he is excited but anyone who watches him gets excited because at every moment it seems that something is going to happen. He is the most exciting player to watch.

Well there are lots of other player who are true blue and all of them are Champions today. All of the players and all the millions of fans are BLEEDING BLUE right now. A sincere thanks to John Terry for being the best captain, a leader and a warrior, also I have no doubt that you can play two matches in a week.Thanks to Loic Remy for scoring winning goals.Thanks to Thiabut Courtois for saving us keeping so many clean sheets and Petr Cech for stepping up and showing his world class. Thanks to Oscar, Didier Drogba, Gary Cahill, Ramires, Azpilicueta, Filipe Luis, John Obi Mikel, Kurt Zouma, Juan Cuadrado and all players of Chelsea. But the most sincere thanks to the brain behing this team Mr. Jose Mourinho.

After 5 years of drought of premier league we are finally again champions of england though we have been champions of Europe during that time. I am so happy to be a fan of such an amazing club and certainly at the time when this club is creating history. Now next season let’s hope to regain this title and become champions of Europe and as a fan now I am very happy right now.

Proud to be a Chelsea fan
Keep the blue flag flying high forever!!!


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