Time is your friend

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Take It From Me.”

Advice means guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent action. In other terms it means helping people you care about. We all have given and taken a lot of advice from our family, friends and our big social networking circle.

Everyone loves to give advice because everyone thinks that they know the other person situation better than they know it themselves. People are judgmental and jumps to conclusion without understanding the situation of the person they are giving advice to.

I remember once my friend had a bad break up and asked for my help overcoming it. I remember the words I told him “Time is your friend and right now he is just a little upset with you because you are not being happy. So you have to stop being sad and everything will be fine. Trust me on the fact that time heal all wounds and you will be fine, believe me”. I told that to my friend and he left my place not being happy, but a little cheerful.

It was after he was gone I thought to myself I did told him to be happy and that time will heal and remove all the pain, but I start analyzing my life after that. I had my break up ten months back and even after that long time I can’t honestly say that I am okay. I am living my life perfectly fine, but if someone asks me that are you okay? Are your wounds healed? Then, my answer would not be what it should have been.

If I am not happy after ten months of break up then how can I expect my friend to be fine so soon. I probably would have lied to my friend that being happy and time will make him fine and maybe it will, but it didn’t help me out.

But life goes on and time does heals the wounds as I am perfectly fine now, but at the time I gave this advice to my friend I was not able to apply that advice to my life.


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