Protection Of Home

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Ounce of Home.”

Wow, even thinking about being away from home for a year give me chills. But for the world adventure I think I am in it. I have been away from home for college or work, but the maximum time has been four months and not a year, still giving me chills to think about it.

There are a lot of things coming in my mind that I can keep which will remind me of my beloved home like photographs, small precious gifts given by the parent. But I think instead of all these lovable things which are close to my heart I would like to keep the protection card given to me by my dad. As he said, “keep these with you always and you will be safe from all the negative energies. Also, it will give you energy, inspiration and confidence whenever you feel lost”.

For last four years of my life, I have been away from my home and this card has always been with me and is like a guardian to me away from home. It has been with me through thick and thin as I have always carried it with me whenever I go out. So for me the thing I would like to keep with me while going for a year long trip is this card as it will protect me just like my parent did all throughout my life and as I feel home is where your parents are.

Here is the picture of the protection card, it is getting old but it is still effective.



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