As the word says recognition it is not easy and doesn’t come easily. Like lots of people around the world with the dream of having their names as top authors of the world, I share the same dream like them. I like to write, but I feel marketing and promotion are not meant for me. I need an agent but to get an agent is also not easy, I haven’t even tried how to get one. Someone, please help.

I had a story, I don’t know how other feels about the story, but I like my story. I have to as it is written by me and it has everything that I love like romance, friendship, football( American Soccer), Chelsea. The book is published on CreateSpace and it is just like a million of books kept in an online bookshelf and nobody knows about it.

How do I make people review it? How do I make people see it? How do I make people buy it? As I said I have no idea of marketing and promoting. Also asking people personally to review it or buy it feels like begging. I know it might not be the same thing, but it just feels.

My book The man who cried is a sweet and simple story about an Indian guy who was born in India but lives in London now. It’s a story about his love life, his friendship, his dream to play for Chelsea football club. It is just a sweet, simple and short story and I wish there was a way where I can get recognition for it.

I think I will have to learn the marketing course and then only something will happen, so I am going to do that and I think it will be fun rather than being boring.

Link of my book on CreateSpace store:
Also, the book is available on kindle and amazon stores.


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