My first love- My MOM

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Dear Mom.”

Mom is the first and true love of every child. But my mom is my first love, best friend, teacher and everything as I share everything and every moment of my life with her. So there are no secrets between us as she knows about all my good and bad habits and she have always supported and guided me like a best friend. She knows everything I like, I dislike and all my mood swings like every mom in this world.

I love my mom and I tease her by saying that I will leave my country to fulfill my dreams and I know she doesn’t want that as she doesn’t want me to be far from her. So I am just going to write it here and not going to tell her that whatever I do in my life it will be always to make sure that she is happy. I know I will achieve my dreams, but I am always going to be at your side, always going to take care of you and will always make you happy.

I can never do anything in my life which will make you sad or disappoint you, I love you mom.


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