Since I haven’t written on here in a long time, I would like to share the thing I was doing from that time. I have been writing quotes from a long time and now you can see them on my instagram page (@openbookwriter). So here are the few of my favorite quotations written by me.

1.) LOVE- I don’t know the definition but the feeling I get when I see you, when I hear your voice, when you smile,
all the little things you do which make me want to relive that moment just to make me feel something from heart.
Something which makes me not me and a happy person instead of a horrible person which I am. For me this is love and my life means just to feel this feeling because it is priceless and it involves you.

2.) So here we are at the end of our love tunnel and there is no way out except darkness.

3.) Why do we need love? To feel better for ourselves? Are we so weak that we need someone else to live?
I think love should be essential but not a necessity or else our existence as an individual becomes hard.

4.) It just took one second, one look, one moment and my heart is stuck with you

5.) It’s like she is hooked inside my mind and probably will never go. She is there in everything I do, everything I feel and everywhere I go.

6.) If you want someone or something more than anyone then you will have to do things which anyone else won’t do.

7.) Falling in love as easy as eating a candy but being in love is hard as eating stones.

8.) I have felt both physical and emotional pain and I managed them, but your absence causes an incurable pain and I can’t do anything about it.

9.) Two eyes, Two legs but why only one heart?

10.) And your love was like a potion to my bleeding heart

11.) Sometimes when you think about memories then wish you could pause a memory and go back and relive the moment again

12.) Moments like these I wish I still had your hand to hold

13.) I wish I could still fight with you

14.) Everything I am, everything I have belongs to you. Everything I can, everything I did was and will do is to make sure that your lips are always brimming with a smile and you are always happy in your life if it’s without me.

15.) Sometimes I feel it was all my mistake as I trusted you.


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