Internal Light of a broken heart

“Light up, Light up as if you have a choice”
Those were the words echoing inside heart and mind as I kept listening to Run by Snow Patrol. Light up yourself and feel the joy of this world because crying won’t give a solution or peace to your aching heart. Break up keeps happening, heart keeps getting broken this is all part of life but to sit down and think about all this will put you in a misery because no good thoughts come at 2 a.m. when you are bottle down of ice cold whisky.

As it is said that with time every good thing comes to an end and every relationship comes to an end someday unless they are soul mates. But how can I believe that we are not soul mates. Why should I think we are not perfect for each other when we were together for 6 years. It is not that she is the most beautiful girl or the funniest but for me she is above all these things as she is compatible with me in such a way that I don’t need anything in my life as long as I have her with my side.

I feel like I am a depressed man, but honestly I should consider myself as a free man because a person who has lost someone whom they love has nothing to lose anymore. So I should celebrate this occasion as I am free of all the responsibilities, free of all the fights, free from living a life to make someone else happy and I guess I am free from my own happiness.

I wish I could actually light up and feel the happiness again. But how do I restart my life?  I read somewhere that breakup is actually good as it remove the toxic person from your life. Reading those quotations do feel good but if people actually start following the quotes they like there will be less sadness in the world

I am not in a position to think about the sadness of the world as I am already grieving about my sadness, but I need to light up as I don’t have any choice. The world doesn’t stop to feel and heal your pain as it could be done only by you. So it is time to light up and fill my darkened heart with the light of happiness while I shed my last tear in the memories of you.



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