An Honest World

Imagine the world where nobody lies and everyone just speaks the truth and only the truth, an honest world where everyone is honest and people don’t know how to lie. Imagining it is tough as we have always been surrounded by people who lie and we are no different from them. We have been lying since our childhood and will continue to do so till the day we live. Sometimes it is to save ourselves from getting punishment, sometimes not to hurt the feelings of others or sometimes just to make an amazing story in front of our friends.

But what would happen if we suddenly stop lying and start saying and answering every question correctly. How simple would life be then? Undoubtedly, there will be a lot of funny and serious situations in life because of that like:

Girlfriend: Am I looking fat in this dress?
Boyfriend: Yeah, you are looking like a wild hippopotamus.

Teacher: Why didn’t you finish your homework?
Student: Because I’ve got more important things in life like playing and watching television than boring studies.

Husband: You cheated on me with my brother?
Wife: Not only your brother but also your best friend.

It does seem like it will cause a lot of chaos in one’s life, but it could also be of help. For example:

Police: Did you steal from that shop?
Criminal: Yes, my friend Brutus was also with me.

Boy: Do you love me?
Girl: Yes

And when a girl will say ‘yes’ it will mean ‘yes’ because in a world where people don’t lie there will be no ‘maybe’ or ‘I don’t know’. For guys, the world would be delightful as they will now be able to understand girls.

So the world without lies looks like a good place to live in. People will be strong as they would be hearing only the truth from the beginning, whether good or bad. There will be a bond of trust with everyone and the world will be a happy place. But I also believe that  such a world would be boring as there will be no thrill or suspense of finding something or reading someone’s mind because you can easily know things just by asking them. Arguments, gossip, sarcasm would end which will kill all the humour in life.

Although, considering the present scenario, an honest world seems like an impossible dream but honestly, given an option I would still prefer this funny world of lies as I would live in an interesting world  rather than the one in which  everyone is honest to me.


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