The Magic Is Gone

The magic is gone, the life is gone. I have no idea how did I came into a situation when I feel helpless. I am alive and not dead then how can I be helpless. How can our situation become so hard that you are unable to do anything about it? We have one life and how can we settle for a life where we are neither happy nor doing anything to change the situation rather say we are unable to change it because there are no options.
Life without options is helpless and which makes me question myself that is this life worth living for? I can name more than 100 reasons to die but I don’t think I will be able to give 3 reasons to live. Whenever we think of our future we all see different things some seek love, some seek money, some seek happiness and some like me have no idea what do they want. We are so much focused on getting a little of everything and eventually we are getting nothing.
Life is a fun ride with its ups and downs but what can upsides be if we don’t know what do we want from our life. Every little thing I do is for the best of the people whom I care and in the process of making everyone around me happy I have been on the hurt side and the worst thing about is that nobody else gives a damn about it. I don’t consider them to understand what I am going through or feel my pain but I do hope that they will try to, at least, hold one finger of mine and tell me that they are there somewhere, but it’s all blank, empty and hollow around me.
The truth of life is you are born alone and you will die alone and in this journey of life you will meet lot of people who will be a good companion for your ride but no matter what do people think or say nothing lasts forever and relationship of any kind i.e. friends, couple, colleague etc. comes to an end because human beings are the most selfish of species because for them their own interest comes first which is not a bad idea to survive but it lacks humanity. I know not everyone is like that but with my luck I only meet that kind of people and somehow the magic of my life is gone and it’s time to live alone.


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