Home is happiness

What is home? People say home is where your heart is, people say it’s where your family is well your heart belongs to your family. I am just another hostel boy living 1700km away from my home in a hostel and people say that hostel life is the best part of your life and I really want to believe it. But I have been here for two weeks only and there has not been one single night where I haven’t gone to sleep without a tear in my eyes. They say it is part of growing up and I need to learn to live without my home because that’s how life is going to be and if you are not ready for it then you will suffer throughout your life.

What is home? People say home is where we are happy. It’s been two years since I left my hometown and living in this hostel and I love everything about it and yeah there are days when I miss my real home but most of the times I would like to be here only with my friends and doing whatever I feel like, I think home is where you are happy and true happiness comes when you have freedom to do anything about it.

What is home? People say home is where your loved one lives. I am going to start my life in a far city away from my home, my second home hostel and the truth is I am afraid. Afraid that I will never meet such amazing people in my life because people say when you are in the job you will only meet the person who will think of themselves and can never be as amazing as the people you have met earlier in your life when innocence resides within them.

What is home? I say home is wherever you are happy. You are living, you are alive and every time you make a change in your life you will find yourself in a new place with new strangers. So what are you going to do about it? Cry and moan about it or man up and accept the change and accept your new life and new surroundings and call this place as your home because you are definitely going to live there even if for 3 months you will be living there and instead of just wandering your soul inside your body you should make it happy, just give it time and things will fall into places because your happiness resides within yourself and your home is where your happiness is.


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