Gone Forever

People come, people go and life keeps moving on and so should you. A simple statement but it is very hard to follow or hopeless romantic like me makes it hard to follow. I believe in happiness and I believe that good happens to those who are good and do well.

The hardest part that becomes after your close ones are gone from your life is that you are unable to accept that they are gone. You never imagined a life without them and you don’t know how to pass a day without them. They probably could and that’s why they went leaving you in the middle of nowhere and you try your best to live your life again without them but it is not easy.

The more you think of them, the more it becomes hard to go away from them. If you don’t think about them then you feel that you are a bad person and you really don’t deserve them. It’s a vicious cycle of thoughts which will make you and your life gloomy. People don’t like to be with you as you bring your sadness around you and even if they care about you, they are unable to see you being this sad which makes you sadder.

The good part is that you get more time to do the things you love and you can utilize that time to do something better for your life. Even though there is nothing better than they being with you but you have to let go of them and move on and take small steps to make your life a better one.

“Don’t shed a tear for the people that are gone from your life.
Smile, embrace and remember the beautiful time spend with them.
Forget the people who have forgotten you or forget the happy life
coz sometimes people are gone forever and life is not wonderful ride after them. ”


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