Being too good is not good

Being a good person is essential and important for one’s life because if you are not good then you will never be perfect. We are always taught to behave well, to respect elders, to care for others, to love everyone and spread happiness around the world. We all try to do the best job we can and in the process we are afraid to hurt feelings of other, we are afraid of their judgement, we are scared if we are not good then no good will happen to us.

I have lived my life feeling the same and being good to everyone. I try not to hurt someone’s feeling even if they screw me badly which happens all the time because I am the granted one. But, I am a good person how can I be the granted one because you are good and people know you will be there for them no matter how they treat you because you are good one. I try to make everyone happy and help them even if they never do because I am good one and we can’t have bad moments in life. Yeah right, as if we are different human beings. I keep my promises, give my important time to them and am there light in every dark moment even if they are the reason for my darkness.

So why am I good to them or everyone? Do I believe in some goodwill that good happens to those who are good? But, the only thing I have felt in life that being good one makes you granted one and people assume you are the happy one. I have my bad moments but nobody to talk as everyone doesn’t consider my importance. Yeah, I agree that I will always look perfect from far, okay from near and destroyed from inside. The main problem is that I don’t express myself clearly as I am afraid to hurt feelings of other and they take me for granted.

But what good are those people who can’t handle you at your worst? They don’t deserve your best. Being good to people is a good thing but being good to everyone is not good especially the ones who doesn’t deserve it. Be good to them if they deserve it not just because you have to be good.


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