The World Around Us

The most beautiful thing about people is all of them are different and have their own special uniqueness. Apparently, the worst thing about people is also the same that they all are different. Why can’t everyone be like the people we love?

In an average lifetime, we meet around 80,000 people. That’s quite a big number because I think that most of us can’t even name ten people whom we like to talk when we are happy or sad. Usually, people remember their close ones when they are sad coz we are afraid to show our emotions to everyone and become vulnerable to others. But, when we are happy we can share the moment with anyone in the world.

There are days when I feel like a misanthrope when I don’t want to see anyone’s face or switch on my phone. But, there are few days when I would totally become a gregarious person and would like to meet as many people as I can. Elders always teach their kids that we should be nice to all. I would like to believe that’s what happening in the world. But, on a contrary, I can tell a lot of examples when people are selfish, rude or uncaring to others. I have always believed in goodwill of people and that makes me vulnerable because I have expressed my emotions to people who have probably made fun of me the moment I left the room. I have done wrong to some people and I don’t like to have regrets in life but there are still a few things which I would like to remove from my past. I guess that’s why all the unfortunate things happen to me because it’s like Karma, you reap what you sow. I always put myself in other shoes before having an opinion on any situation and I guess that’s why I am not able to blame the other person most of the times, which is not good for me as I end up taking all the blame on myself.

It’s not like that there are no bad people, there are a lot of them who have done many wrongdoings. But, I would still like to know the reason for their behavior before judging them. Exceptions are always there, but, in general, like to believe in goodwill of people even though some days I wish I could just burn them all.

Even though we are the creator and destroyer of our own lives, but a lot of it depends on the people who are around us as there are many people who encourage us or manipulate us in some or the other way. There will always be few of them who will blindly hate you and there will be few who will blindly love you. So without thinking much about the negatives of the people around you, you should always embrace the positive people in your life because, even though you are going to meet 80,000 people you will be lucky to get ten special people in one life. So love your close ones and keep reminding them that you love them and will do anything for them.

Love all, forgive all and smile all the time because you have only one beautiful life.


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